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Eco Choices Ltd.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

ECO Choices Limited is a sister company with Louis International Holdings Company Limited was established in 2002 in Hong Kong comprising several large factories in Mainland China name is Zhong Qiao Louis Plastics Products (Dongguan) Co. Ltd. and branch offices in oversea countries. Our company is specialized in the production of upscale fashion bags, food packaging bags and eco-friendly packaging bags. Products are mostly exported to Southeast Asia (Japan), Europe and North America. Our company has reached a great success and reputation amongst different segments of the industry. 

During the last decade, we have developed quickly our business, starting with less than 10 machines, 50 staff members and producing around 80 tons of products per month. Right now, we are working with more than 100 machines, 500 staff members and 1400 tons of products per month. Our volume of products exported to Japan reaches up to 4.5% of Japan’s total national import for similar products. 

To ensure high quality and excellent services during the development process, we implement different management systems and we use advanced equipment from many first line overseas countries. Additionally, we encourage our core management personnel to study abroad, providing efficient management skills. Complementarily, we also hire outsourced technicians regularly for training our employees and keep their knowledge updated with the latest development techniques available. 

Our Chairman 

Our Chairman Mr. Billy Tam, L. K., chairman and founder of Louis International was inspired by the eco-friendly concepts of Japan. He began innovating boldly by developing Calcium Carbonated eco-friendly products and became one of the first manufacturing enterprises in producing ecological products. The global financial crisis in 2008 did not affect our company because Mr. Tam has always kept his entrepreneurial core values as “innovative” and “sustainable”. He is continuously investing a large amount of time for inventing new products in order to maintain momentum and rapid growth of the enterprise. Additionally, to this, Mr. Tam is an avid believer in giving back to the community, help and solidarity by giving a hand and donations in rebuilding processes such as Sichuan (China) and Japan after several natural disasters in those places. 

Company Innovations 
We are the first Chinese manufacturer to produce: 
- Calcium Carbonate products. 
- The Roll bag with thickness 0.006mm. 
- Star Sealing Roll Bags. 
- Kitchen Bags with box type. 
- LDPE high transparent Kikakutai Bags. 
- Kitchen Bags of Lehisi type (Smart bags). 
We are the first Chinese factory in import of: 
- Japan Auto-machine of Long Loop handle fashion bags. 
- Japan Auto-machine of Poly-tissue Kitchen Bags. 
Future Trends 
a) Business Goals: Maintain a rapid growth rate at 20% per year. 
b) Organizational Structure: Establish a product development department for producing innovative products and maintain a high product standard. 
c) Personnel Training: For training an outstanding team of professionals for increasing our employee production and management standards. 
d) Technical Support: Develop advanced equipment for our production line to maximize our production. 
e) Business Expansion: Implement “B.O.S.S – Business One Stop Service”, and further expand sales channels and market share. 

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